Price Change

Unfortunately we have increased our pricing to offset somewhat insane credit card processing/Transaction fees.And on top of that hosting companies for our website are becoming expensive. 


We had to either stop taking credit card payment or slightly increase the price to stay in business.


As you probably can see we have also removed 3 services we use to sell from the website because it was becoming money pit.....we couldn't afford to sell it anymore.



Unfortunately these credit card companies knows we have no choices in regards to our Business Model (IPTV) so basically they charge us any crazy interest they want.


**We are also the cheapest Resellers in all Resellers Across North America even after slightly Price increase****


We also have new service coming out within a week or 2 so please keep checking the website


It's called Goal TV,it will have 5 connections with no restrictions on how many houses you use and can be shared among your friends and families.


It will have webplayer which means you can use it on your Smart TVs/laptops/literally any device you chooses to use without having to download any App.


And for those folks that want Adult channels,this service will have Adult channels as well(You can set Password Protection if you have kids).


Please come back and check the new service out's called GOAL TV(use on 5 TVS).


Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your continuous support.






Thursday, November 17, 2022

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